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Wal-e-Cities is a research project aiming at the development of Smart Cities in Wallonia in a specific context. Wallonia consists of medium-size cities in a rural and urban small territory, with 5 main attractive and innovative poles, meaning that the Smart City concept has to be considered at a Smart Region level.

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

Wal-e-Cities aims to build innovative citizen driven IoT solutions in mobility, energy efficiency, governance and wellness. All of these developments are based on new wireless communication channels using street furniture and publiclighting. lights.

Wal-e-Cities is also market-oriented to facilitate the development of innovative ecosystems driving technological breakthroughs, addressing societal challenge, fostering start-ups, and giving Walloon companies a competitive advantage.

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4 Research Centres, 5 Universities &
1 Institute


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